Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair services are essential if your home or business has been subjected to excessive water, as in flooding, overflows or similar situations.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration provides a welcome and efficient method of saving your home and possessions following the devastating effects of flooding.

Home Damage Restoration

Home damage restoration will put your life back together after you’ve suffered from water damage, whether from a flood, a storm or the aftermath of a fire, and the subsequent thousands of gallons of water that went through your home.

Emergency Water Damage Cleanups, Floods & Repairs

Commercial Damage Restoration

Commercial damage restoration means the difference between a business shutting down, and getting back to its normal operation and continuing with the show. We know how devastating it is to have a disaster strike in the office, and our team is available around the clock to provide water damage restoration services to help you.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage restoration is needed urgently if you have been hit with the devastation and stress of a flood in your home or business.

Flooded House Restoration

Flooded house restoration is essential to anyone who has been through the stressful ordeal of home flooding.

Home Restoration
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Lalo Flores
Falls Church, Virginia
Awesome service!! I could not be happier with the level of service ODYXA provided. High-class, thorough, responsive, and professional water damage company.
Paul Davis
Las Vegas
Odyxa saved my apartment in Falls Church! I hired them after the condo unit above mine had a burst pipe and flooded my unit. Their service was prompt and efficient. I didn’t have to deal with multiple contractors. They literally handled all aspects.
Robert Berger
Washington, D.C
I was overseas for work when our basement flooded. Odyxa was at work right away despite getting my call late at night. And they managed the damage with speed, courtesy, and accessibility. I felt I could trust them even though I was thousands of miles away which is no small thing.
Lisa White
The people, the pride they took in their work. The speed at which they worked and the way I viewed them as if it were their home they were trying to clean.